Genesis 1-11 Bible Study

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Genesis Audio Lessons:

Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1 in Hebrew:

Introduction to Genesis 1 to 11 Bible Study on the Web:

Buchart Gardens 2

Genesis Chapter 1 – The Creation Week With a Perfect World:


Dinosaurs & Dragons & the Bible –┬áNote the dragon second on the upper row on the Chinese Restaurant place mat above:

Genesis Chapter 2 – The Seventh Day of Rest; Details of Adam’s Creation; Eve’s Creation; The Marriage of Adam:

Genesis Chapter 3 – The Introduction of Sin into the World through Both Adam’s & Eve’s Disobedience; The Curse on the World; The Plan of Salvation for Mankind; We All Descended from Adam & Eve:

Minnesota Crime Commission Report of 1926:



Genesis Chapter 4 – The First Murder & the Sin & Evil Continues; Cain’s Descendants Advanced Rapidly; The Antediluvian Population Established that Will Perish in the Global Flood:

Genesis Chapter 5 – The Genealogy from Adam to Noah With Years:


Introduction to Genesis Chapters 6 to 9 The Global Flood:

Genesis Chapter 6 – The Ark is Built; The Reason for the Global Flood:

Genesis Chapter 7 – Noah & His Family Enter the Ark; The Worldwide Deluge & Total Destruction from the Flood; All That Lived on the Land & Had the Breath of Life was Blotted Out:

Genesis Chapter 8 – The Flood Subsides & More Devastation Occurs from the Waters Coming and Going; Noah & His Family Exit the Ark & Offer a Sacrifice to Yahweh:

Genesis Chapter 9 – Noah & His Family are Comissioned to Repopulate the Earth; Man’s Diet Changes; The Covenant to Not Destroy the Earth Again with a Global Flood & the Rainbow as a Reminder; Our Ancestors are Shem, Ham & Japheth; Canaan is Cursed:

Genesis Chapter 10 – The Table of Nations:

Tower of Babel

Genesis Chapter 11 – The Tower of Babel; The Origin of Languages; The Genealogy from Noah to Abraham With Years:

Adam to Joseph

Discussion of the Genealogies in Genesis Chapters 5 and 11:

Major Humanistic Topics That Are Needed to be Covered:

Music Recordings on my Lowery Organ:

Amazing Grace:

Because He Lives:

I Saw The Light:

In The Garden:

It Is Well With My Soul:

Jesus Is Coming Again:

Just A Closer Walk With Thee:

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen:

Peace In The Valley:

Precious Memories:

The King Is Coming:

There’s Something About That Name:

This Is My Father’s World:

This Train (Is Bound For Glory):

Whispering Hope:

Will The Circle Be Unbroken: